To say “This wealth is the result of my efforts and knowledge” is against Tauhid

Assalamu Alaikum

Praise be to Allah

From amongst the many forms of shirk is to believe that your knowledge, skills, or ability brings about your success. Such people set up their knowledge as a rival to Allah. They say what Allah can give, their skills can earn similar or better. Whoever has such a belief in his heart has committeed shirk and left the fold of Islam.

Allah informs us of Qarun in the Holy Quran. Qarun was the son of prophet Musa’s  paternal uncle.

Qarun was the Bill Gates of his time. It was only with great difficulty that a group of strong men could carry the keys to his treasures. If only the keys were difficult to move about, then what about the treasures themselves?

After all the wealth Allah gave to Qarun, he said:

“This has been given to me only because of knowledge I possess.” (28:78)

In explanation of this verse Qatadah (May Allah be pleased with him) said :
“People say my wealth is as a result of my merit and experience in earning.”

When you pass your exams, do you believe you got your good grades because you spent hours studying? Because you’re smart?


When you look into your wallet and see a bundle of money, do you believe you have that because you’re a talented entrepreneur?

Do you hit your chest when you see a lot of money in your bank account and say “yes, I earned this, this is what hard work gets you”


Attributing blessings to other than Allah is kufr and cause of loss. This is shirk of Rabbship

As Allah says:

And truly when We give him a taste of Mercy from Us, after some adversity ( severe poverty or disease ) has touched him, he is sure to say “This is due to my merit”
[Qur’an 41:50]

Those who believe their wealth, position or any other favour is due to their own ability or cleverness have commited shirk and have left the fold of Islam

Therefore All blessings, favours or wealth must be attributed to Allah, while thanking Him accordingly.

Gratitude to Allah is not complete unless it is expressed in belief, word and deed.

Belief – knowing Allah is the source of blessing.

Word – Saying Alhamdulillah for it.

Deed – using the blessing in a righteous way; as Allah says

“But seek, with that which Allah has bestowed on you, the home of the Hereafter” [Surah Qasas]

So if Allah has made you a health worker, help the sick. If Allah has given you knowledge of the Quran and Hadith, then thank Him by teaching the ignorant. If it is wealth Allah has bestowed upon you, then Ramadan is almost here and there are a lot of needy people.


May Allah make us appropriately attribute our successes to Him and thank Him accordingly.

May Allah keep us away from all forms of shirk.


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