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An important supplication from the Holy Quran

Assalamu alaikum. One of the best supplications from the Quran is: “ربنا آمنا فاغفر لنا وارحمنا وأنت خير الراحمين” Rabbanaa aaamanna faghfir-lanaa warhamnaa wa anta khairur-Raahimeen (Our Lord, we have believed, so forgive us and have mercy upon us, and … Continue reading

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To say “This wealth is the result of my efforts and knowledge” is against Tauhid

Assalamu Alaikum Praise be to Allah From amongst the many forms of shirk is to believe that your knowledge, skills, or ability brings about your success. Such people set up their knowledge as a rival to Allah. They say what … Continue reading

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