Tauheed – Obeying the scholars?

Obedience is a form of worship. Muslims are not allowed to obey anyone – whether man or jinn – unless it confirms with obedience to Allah.

Worship is not restricted to ruku and sujud, but includes obeying islamic laws. By obeying Allah’s law, we are also worshipping Him.

We see frequently these days ‘scholars’ trying to make new laws, to promote misguidance and increase their following.

From among these ‘scholars’ are those who say gay marriage is halal. Those who believe this is the Islamic law have made these ‘scholars’ partners to Allah in making laws, thereby committing shirk.


In the early years of Islam, there was a discussion on the best form of hajj. Two Muslims said the best is (الحاج المفرد )and sited evidence from what Abubakar and Umar did.

Ibn Abbas on the other hand said the best is  (الحاج المتمتع ) and based his opinion directly from a hadith of the prophet (peace be upon him).

The two Muslims preferred the opinion of Abubakar and Umar on the matter. So ibn Abbas said:

“It may be that Stones are soon to descend upon you from the heavens!

I say to you: ‘Allah’s Messenger said…’

And you say to me: ‘Abu Bakr and Umar said!?”

[Musnad Ahmed 1:337]

Ibn Abbas scolded these two muslims because they preferred the opinion of Abubakar and Umar over the revelation of Allah.

Keep in mind Abubakar and Umar were the close friends of the prophet, the first and second Khaleefahs respectively, the most knowledgeable and pious of the companions, yet it is shirk to obey them while disobeying Allah and his Messenger.

In view of this, what may be said of obeying or preferring the opinions of lesser men over the book of Allah and the sunnah of his prophet?

No opinion which contradicts the Quran and Sunnah is to be given heed no matter where it emanates from


Imam Malik (رحمه الله) said:

“Look into my opinions, all that agrees with the book and Sunnah, accept it; and all that does not agree with the book and the sunnah, ignore it”
[Jaami’ Baayan al-Ilm 2:32]

Imam Abu Haneefah (رحمه الله) said:

“It is not permitted for anyone to follow our views if they do not know where we got it from”
[Al-Intiqaa fi fadaa’il at-thalaatha al-A’immah al-Fuqahaa pg.145 ]

Therefore we must not blindly follow any scholar,  especially in these days where the meanings of quranic verses and Hadith are frequently changed or quoted out of context for selfish reasons.


It is not rude to ask a scholar for evidence from the Quran that supports his fatwa. A true scholar would not be offended if asked.

Allah says in the holy Quran Jews and Christians committed shirk.
[Qur’an 9:31]


The prophet (peace be upon him) clarified:

“Did the scholars not make Haram what Allah made Halal so you then made it Haram?

and make Halal what Allah made Haram and you therefore made it Halal?”

That is worshipping the scholars!”
[At-Tabari 14:212]

This is similar to the scholar Mr. Mohammed Yoosuf from north eastern Nigeria who claimed that modern education is Haraam (Boko Haraam). How foolish that his followers took him as a partner to Allah in making laws; by obeying him instead of Allah, they committed shirk and left Islam a long time ago.


In conclusion, we must strive to acquire knowledge of the Quran and sunnah for this is the remedy to quack scholars.

Shirk remains the most despicable of acts. May Allah protect us from all forms of Shirk.

Assalamu Alaikum

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