Tauheed – Making fun of Islam

(“And if you question them, they declare emphatically:
” We were only talking idly and joking. ”
Say: ” Was it at Allah, His Aayat and His Messenger you were mocking?
“Make no excuses! You have rejected faith after you had accepted it,”
[Qur’an 9:65-66]


Mocking Islam, or trying to undermine its sanctity and respect, is blatant kufr – no one would dispute that based on the above verse.

The two verses refer to an incident in which the hypocrites, having taken part in the Battle of Tabuk with the Muslims, began to discredit and insult them and their Religion.

The hypocrites mocked Islam when they said:

“We have not seen the likes of these reciters of ours, the most untruthful tongues, the greediest stomachs, the most cowardly in
the face of the enemy…” [At-Tabari 14:333]

The hypocrites afterwards claimed that the slanders they spoke were jokes not meant to be taken seriously.

They were believers in Allah and His Messenger, people of tawheed, however, once they uttered those words, Allah said:

“Verily you have disbelieved after your belief.” [Qur’an 9:65-66]

Their excuses were not acceptable, for they were guilty of mocking Islam, guilty of mocking Allah, His Revelation, His Proofs, His Signs and His Messenger; so Allah labelled them disbelievers.

It is common to find a Muslim man or woman being mocked for adhering to the Islamic sharee’ah.


Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him ) says let the beard grow. Refusing to do so is bad enough, but deriding the command wipes away your tauheed.

The order to wear the hijab, or to stand infront of people to convey a hadith or two, comes from Allah the most High. So when you wink, laugh, stick your tongue out, point, or throw jibes at the obedient Muslim, then your disrespect is directed to Allah and His wisdom in commanding the law.

Allah says the disbelievers mock those who believe, but those who obey Allah and remain steadfast despite the taunts will be on top on the Day of Resurrection [Qur’an 2:212]

The understanding of some scholars is that the only option for the Muslim who mocks Islam is to embrace Islam anew, by testifying that none is worthy of worship except Allah (swt) and that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the Messenger of Allah.

If you were a politician and someone comes to one of your gatherings and mocks your party leader, would you consider that person a party member? Or a someone from the opposition trying to create division?

Same way anyone who ridicules the sunnah of prophet Muhammad is not one of us.

Dont let the mockery get you down, Muslims who are constantly jeered at only need to remember the pious from previous generations and see what was the final outcome.

“As he (prophet Nuh) was constructing the ship, whenever the chiefs of his people passed by him, they mocked at him.” [Qur’an 11:38]


Allah saved prophet Nuh and those with him in the laden ship, and drowned the rest of the disbelievers.

Therefore do not be part of the group that mocks Islam.

A wise poet once said:

“When someone slanders the leader, he is taken to prison, but when someone slanders Allaah, we tell him that people are free to speak as they wish.”


May Allah guide us to paradise.


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